The whole idea of this recipe makes me happy!  Chicken stew stuffed into a little half-moon pastry can’t possibly be bad! 😉

There’s a bit from Maya Angelou before this recipe, talking about a woman walking through town, selling homemade meat pies to her faithful customers.  This really brings back memories of living in the French Quarter in New Orleans- there was a lady who would appear daily, at about lunchtime, pushing a small shopping cart through the Quarter yelling “Pie Lady, Pie Lady.”  She sold all sorts of pies, ranging from fruit to meat to even tamale.  I bought one of her apple pies once, and it was fantastic- probably because I could taste all the homemade goodness as it was still fresh and warm.

Anyway, I’m going to start working on the pastry part of the recipe while the kids are asleep- keep y’posted!


Wow, these were delicious!  So bad for us, calorie-wise, but wow, just delicious! 🙂  This definitely goes into the “make-again” stack I’m compiling!