Don’t you just love titles that really give you no insight as to what’s being talking about??  Yea, this is a recipe for Persian Eggplant-Lamb Casserole, but you’d never guess it from the name!

Anyway, after such a long absence from posting, I’ve decided that today’s adventure into cooking needed to be fancy.  Enter the Obgoosht!

At first, I thought a recipe like this might consist of tons of ingredients, specifically spices, most of which I’d probably never need/use again.  But no- this is pretty easy and straight-forward, and actually more full of fresh ingredients than things I found in my pantry.  (Yum).

I’ll post pictures after the Big Reveal & Tasting, but so far, I’m in love and the house smells amazing.  I honestly could have just kept the recipe stuck on step #2:- sauteed onions, peas, and lamb- forever because it just smelled so good!  I’m super-excited about this one, especially since you serve it over rice.  (Again, yum).

Step #2...smells great!


So…this was a huge success!  Despite E saying that HATES eggplant (followed by an intense picking-out-of-the-offensive-eggplant), it went over really well.  He ate a huge plate of it, and when asked, said it would be really good to have again.  He suggested, though, that I should substitute another veggie- I suggested zucchini, he said he hates those, too.  Which effectively now eliminates him from my tasting panel! 😉

Just glad I made the full recipe instead of cutting it in half, like I usually do- this is one that I’m definitely happy to have extras of!

Served over rice:

(I wanted to mention that, accompanying this recipe, was a bit from House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III.  This recipe, plus that little portion of story,  has actually made me want to read that now!)