I feel like I’m instantly drawn to phrases/recipes like this: no-fuss.  Really??  I kinda think it’s too good to be true, especially for someone who constantly Googles pictures of what this or that meal should look like!  At any rate- next up, crab cakes.  All the ingredients are purchased and are chillin’ in the fridge…here goes nothin’!


Crab cakes are all made and hanging out in the fridge until a more appropriate dinner time- I always use the kid’s naptime as dinner-prep time, even though it’s a bit early to actually cook/serve dinner.  One comment, though: I split this recipe, as it would normally serve 6-8, and was having trouble actually forming the cakes…the ingredients wouldn’t stick together very well.  So, out of desperation and using my knowledge of what-works, I tossed in a bit of breadcrumbs, which seemed to do the trick.  We’ll see if my Italian-style breadcrumbs ruined or added anything to this dish!


So far, while these were initially easy to assemble, they are KILLERhard to flip!  They do not hold together!  Wow…Even with a good burn, these are still falling apart! 😉  Yikes…pics to follow!  Here’s hoping that they taste good, at least!


Wow, these were really good!!  Although they were hard to make stick together, the project turned out well in the end- we had a yummy dinner last night.  This meal even had E saying that I should try it again, because it was good.  Wow.  Yay!