For Christmas, I was given “The Book Lover’s Cookbook” (by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger and Janet Kay Jensen), and made big plans to try most of the recipes.  Tonight was the first night that I put the plan into action, and chose a chicken dish- not terribly exciting, but I think I need to ease myself into this.

I’ve never made homemade stuffing before, and have typically stuck to whatever I could find from a box.  This was a very easy recipe to use, and pretty delicious-smelling!  I think I drool over anything that has garlic in it, so the pinch used in this recipe had me.


After about an hour and a half, I checked the chicken- thought it was done- took it out, and…still pink.  Back it goes.


A masterpiece!

I’m beginning to think that, by spending a bit of extra time each day, that I might be able to actually cook a pretty good meal- with the help of a pretty great recipe!