Sounds stupid, right?  Very cliche, I realize, but you know what- sometimes you have to be, I think.  If things (like resolutions) didn’t work, why would the practice have become a tradition?  For me, this year, the bounds of this tradition might actually keep me from straying and losing interest in this year’s endeavor.  I hope.

So, here goes:  this year, I challenge myself to become a better cook.  Not only for my family, who would hugely benefit from a culinary improvement, but also for myself.  I’m desperate to be a better cook.  I’m tired of being the one asked to bring the wine or minor extras to parties; being the one taking home lots of leftovers after attempted offerings.  It’s depressing, and that’s not a way to start a new year- no one should start a new year feeling inadequate.

I’m starting this blog as a way to keep myself accountable, and also to track my progress along the way.  I have no other goal- I’m not trying to cook-through-the-cookbook-of-a-famous-chef or anything (although, that would be pretty fun/crazy!).  I just want to get over my fear of recipes that use wine.

Here goes!

On a quick side note, but probably a note that is well, pretty important: here’s the book I’m planning to use: \”The Book Lover\’s Cookbook\”by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger and Janet Kay Jensen.

All of the yellow tabs sticking out on the right side are the big plans I have for myself…yay!